to the world of the unique and special SmarTRAIN® coffee tables!



From conception to completion...

I have been dealing with designing and building model railway systems since 2001. Among others, I had a leading role in planning, constructing and operating Hungary’s two biggest, permanent railway model exhibitions. Thus over the years I have talked to thousands of visitors, who – though had the enthusiasm – did not have room, free-time or manual skills, and they were left with only the desire for model railways. Since I have been working as a leader of a furniture manufacturing company, at a point I asked myself: Why can’t we connect these two things? Why can’t a coffee table serve as a safe storage place for our precious collection, and be an eye-catching, working model railway layout, too?

  • Quality construction
  • The best quality materials
  • Well-lit inner settings
  • A ready-to use stage

General specifications

As many people as many ideas. SmarTRAIN® coffee tables provide the opportunity to embrace your creativity if you would like to see the fruit of your own labor. Our evolving, ready-made types depict different topics, themes and provide an immediate solution for those, who just would like to enjoy all the advantages of our products.



Important information


SmarTRAIN® (SMT-V1) table frame with LED lighting

EUR 729 +TAX
  • Glazed beech frame
  • Built-in LED lighting with a remote control
  • 18 mm thick plywood base made of aspen

SmarTRAIN® (SMT-N1) coffe table with a built-in N (1:160) size layout

EUR 2699 +TAX
  • Ready-to-use DCC model railway layout
  • Built-in, wi-fi based control
  • Two-track N size layout with detailed elaboration
  • Built-in LED lighting with a remote control
  • The price does not include any model trains

SmarTRAIN® (SMT-L1) coffe table with a built-in LEGO® Technic 42083

EUR 1859 +TAX
  • Assembled LEGO® Technic 42083 with unique LED lighting
  • Spectacular layout
  • Built-in LED lighting with a remote control

SmarTRAIN® (SMT-E#) coffee table with a specific set

Please ask for our written offer!
  • LEGO®, diorama, specific sets
  • Custom design installations


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